Private Training

Private training is offered in a variety of ways. We can create a private personal program consisting of either vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, stretching, meditation, or personal training. We come to your home or offer virtual sessions. Of course all Covid regulations followed. These can also be combined to offer an overall lifestyle revamp and help to create balance and happiness in ones life. Learning what makes you happy so that you can continue to thrive and grow from the inside to reflect on the outside. These programs also help in removing negative thought programs and behaviors..

What Other People Think

“I was amazed at the depth of support provided by Stephanie Pafford. After a mix of health issues leading to insomnia and anxiety I am so grateful I discovered Restorative Yoga. This yoga was able to help calm my hyperactive mind and nervous system, let me sleep and promote healing. As an Occupational Therapist and a Board Certified Coach, I was impressed by the deep rapport Stephanie had with me and other students. In addition, Stephanie has a deep understanding of Anatomy and Physiology and provides gentle, but potent hands on support. With so much gratitude for this yoga, I knew I wanted to become a student of Stephanie’s. As a result I have recently completed my Restorative Yoga Certification and am deeply appreciative of what I have to now share. It is hard to describe the special way Stephanie shares her heart and wisdom with her students.”


“I am a 60 year male who has experienced pain and numbness from my lower neck across my shoulder and down my left arm for about 7 years. My last job was 14 years with an aggressive commodities trading company. I have been to physical therapy many times and also own a traction machine. I started practicing Nuerogenic Yoga in Sep ’16 at the urging of my daughter Jane, a yoga instructor. Jane specifically introduced me to Stephanie Pafford due to her experience and expert training in Nuerogenic yoga. My first one on one class was extremely insightful…it was a bridge to many new thoughts combined with a physical flow to correctly exercise your entire body….and your mind…and your breath…and…it just keeps getting better. It is impossible to put into a few words what has been learned and gained in such a short period of time. The top five, yes five, are: Neck/shoulder pain are gone, flexibility and body balance have never been better, breathing techniques (soooo important), a new ability to remain centered, and time and space to feel good about yourself. To anyone with back, shoulder, or neck pain I highly recommend Stephanie Pafford’s instruction and guidance. If your just a human!”