Neurogenic Yoga

Neurogenic Yoga™ is a simple, gentle and profound practice that facilities the lengthening and relaxation of the psoas muscle and the release of physical and emotional stress and tension. During a Neurogenic Yoga™ practice, we safely self induce therapeutic vibration using yoga postures and breath. Often vibration begins in the legs and may spread throughout the entire body. This method is based on Dr. David Berceli’s technique of Trauma Releasing Exercises™ (TRE™). Private and small group sessions are available. View More
Neurogenic Yoga™ is a revolutionary technique in trauma healing and stress reduction.

This practice combines yoga asana and pranayama with the body’s natural, therapeutic shaking response. This shaking response in humans, much the same as the instinctual shaking in animals, is the nervous system’s way of discharging long-held tension and trauma, or unconscious muscle contraction in order to restore the body to wholeness. When the nervous system identifies threat, vibration or shaking in the body is designed to occur automatically. However, negative social constructs and beliefs around what it means to allow ourselves to shake, tremor, or show vulnerability, condition us out of this innate release mechanism at a very early age. Neurogenic Yoga™ reawakens our body’s intrinsic release mechanism for optimal health.

Everyone can benefint from this program. Whether you are a competitive athlete, marathon runner, or someone recovering from addiction, a debilitating illness, or emotional upset, these modalities can benefit you immensely. They will “meet you where you are.”


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What Other People Think

I just did a Neurogenic Yoga workshop, and it was amazing. I’ve done lots of different styles of yoga but had only learned about Neurogenic from Steph. It was so interesting to hear about it, and it was even more exciting to participate in a small group and actually try it out. I can’t wait to do more to build on what I learned. No one else that I know is offering this. Very cool.

Vito A.

I have been a chronic back pain sufferer for about 20 years. Taking either prescription or over-the-counter painkillers every day. After about 6-8 private sessions with Stephanie, most days I don’t take anything! We are continuing to work together building strength and flexibility that I have not had in a long time. In short, she has achieved what no Doctor, Chiropractor, or Physical Therapist has tried to.

Doug C.