Meet Stephanie Pafford

As a practitioner of yoga, my life has been transformed. I truly believe that you can’t practice yoga without having a change, regardless of what shape or form it is transforming, that can be magical – even a blessing for some. The first time I stepped on a mat, I felt like I was home. Something stirred inside of me, and the journey began. I have experienced a love for myself that was non-existent before yoga and acceptance of all things, regardless if perceived as good or bad. I am present and whole.

I come from a background where athletics has always been in my life, and so I started my journey as a Personal Trainer and trained extensively with back issues (as this was a particular issue for me before yoga), active older adults, core and stability issues, and teens. I had this false belief that yoga was “easy” and so not for me – boy, was I wrong.

Through “asana” (postures), I was moved to become an instructor and received my 200-hour teacher training certification and 100-hour restorative training certification. I have explored the deeper aspects of yoga with meditation, which such a challenge for me, and pranayama. I am an E-RYT 200/500 with Yoga Alliance; an ACE Certified Personal Trainer; Egoscue Pain, Posture & Performance trained; and Completion of Nutrition for Professional.

I welcome everyone into sessions and trainings and encourage you to go above and beyond any expectations and limitations. I am now taking private clients for Neurogenic Yoga. This type of practice is beneficial for people with high stress, PTSD, trauma, and back issues. Mentoring is offered on a 3- or 6-month basis. Personal Training clients commit to a 12-week lifestyle program and includes meditation, hiking, yoga, and traditional approach. My approach is to change the inside and then the outside will change cultivating health and vitality in mind, body, and spirit for a lifetime.