Who can benefit from practicing yoga?

Everyone benefits! No touching of toes required. We will “meet you where you are!”


Someone who is stressed

Suffering from Trauma

Someone recovering from addiction, a debilitating illness, or emotional upset

Those in Pain

A competitive or retired athlete or marathon runner

Happiness Pursuer

Someone who wants to live a happier life

What’s offered?


Want to bring yoga to your community and to help the people around you experience the peace and happiness that yoga offers? Take these yoga teacher training programs to become a yoga instructor or further your teaching journey. Programs in 200-hour training, restorative yoga, and teacher workshops are offered.

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The practice of yoga is a means of living in this crazy world and functioning healthily and happily. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can benefit from practicing yoga and giving yourself a minute of relief, to take a deep breath and offer release of tension and discomfort. Courses in Neurogenic Yoga, Private Yoga and Restorative Yoga are offered.

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