200/300 Yoga Teacher Training/ Yoga Workshops/ Private Neurogenic Yoga

Who can benefit from practicing yoga?

Everyone benefits! No touching of toes required. We will “meet you where you are!”


Someone who is stressed

Suffering from Trauma

Someone recovering from addiction, a debilitating illness, or emotional upset

Those in Pain

A competitive or retired athlete or marathon runner

Happiness Pursuer

Someone who wants to live a happier life

What’s offered?


Want to bring yoga to your community and to help the people around you experience the peace and happiness that yoga offers? Take these yoga teacher training programs to become a yoga instructor or further your teaching journey. Programs in 200-hour training, restorative yoga, and teacher workshops are offered.

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The practice of yoga is a means of living in this crazy world and functioning healthily and happily. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can benefit from practicing yoga and giving yourself a minute of relief, to take a deep breath and offer release of tension and discomfort. Courses in Neurogenic Yoga, Private Yoga and Restorative Yoga are offered.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“When stress and overtraining left me with debilitating back pain, Neurogenic Yoga was the only thing that helped me get better.  My back pain got so severe I could no longer perform my daily activities and even laying down was excruciating. I went to my Doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers, the Chiropractor who told me my pelvis was out of alignment, and an Acupuncturist who tried all different trigger points.  Nothing worked, in fact the more people messed with me or tried to “fix me” the worst my pain got.

I met Stephanie Pafford through a Yoga Teacher Training I was attending and remembered her talking about Neurogenic Yoga.  At the time I did not think much about Neurogenic Yoga because I had never had a “traumatic” event occur in my life to where I thought it would benefit me.  However, nothing else was working, I was desperate and needed help. I reached out to Stephanie and she agreed to do a session with me through video chat. After doing my first session, I saw immediate results!  I could finally turn over in bed without needing help. I continued meeting with Stephanie until I made a full recovery, was able to return to work, and perform my daily activities.

I still continue to meet with Stephanie on occasion to ensure my body does not revert back into stress mode.  Neurogenic Yoga has helped me realize that if we don’t take the time to deal with our stress and hectic schedules our bodies will fail.  Each session allows me to discover more and more about my body and how to care and heal it. “


“My experience with Stephanie and neurogenic yoga has been nothing but positive. I was having aches & pains with what I would associate with wear & tear of getting older & sitting at a desk many hours of the day. Tight hips, low back ache, neck & shoulder pain. I went to the chiropractor, massage therapist, did foam rolling & stretching regularly but never really found any relief for any length of time.

After my first session I knew I had found my approach to managing the tightness I felt throughout my body. With my experience, the best way I can describe how I feel after my session is fluid, supple- like the tin man with an oil can. Energetically something has shifted too – I feel lighter, open and more connected with myself, my surroundings and with others.

Stephanie creates a safe & supportive environment. Her knowledge, desire to connect with, and help others heal their body, mind, soul is evident from the first moment you meet her.

I’ve conducted sessions in person and via Skype with Stephanie and can attest that both are equally effective. If you are on the fence about this amazing, healing yoga – honor yourself and your body and contact Stephanie to learn more about the benefits of neurogenic yoga.”


“Neurogenic Yoga with Stephanie is an effective, therapeutic method used to alleviate chronic pain and also, anxiety and stress that has led to illness (explained or unexplained). When my neck and back went into a severe spasm, I was sent to PT by doctors that said it was likely caused by minor scoliosis that until then had never bothered me. The nerve pain was very painful and I couldn’t move my neck very well.

Thankfully, I know Stephanie personally and knew about her reputation in the community as a well trained neurogenic therapist. After just one session, I could begin to move my neck again. Even the physical therapist I was seeing was amazed. I continued with some more sessions and before long, my health was restored. I stopped PT after a few sessions with Stephanie and I no longer have back/neck issues. I continue to have neurogenic sessions to stay healthy and to maintain my stress and anxiety in my life. Tremoring is effective in keeping our nervous system balanced and healthy and I do not want stress accumulating in my physical body and have it lead to illness. Our modern lives, work, social media, the news and more lead us into a state of mine where we are living in a heightened flight or flight state. Tremoring is a way to return to a more balanced state while also counteracting musculoskeletal pain. Tremors during the sessions are very easy to do and safe. Stephanie is present with you the entire time and makes certain you are comfortable.

I strongly feel that people should receive this therapy on a regular basis as part of their self care regimen. And if you are fortunate to have Stephanie be your guide, even better! She will stay with you every step of the way and she genuinely wants to see you heal and be pain free!”